Workshop with Performance


What is the potential of drag? In which contexts did the practice arise?

What is drag to me? Fun? Party? Art? Political Statement? Can I reinterpret feminist works of art with my body?

How do we perform class, race, age or ability? On stage? In the arts? In everyday life?

In the workshop and in creating the performance we will dance with these and with related questions.

Answers are left to the performers and the audience


From artists to people who are just discovering the arts, everyone is welcome. The workshop is meant for people of all ages and with different abilities and cultural backgrounds. We are colourful!

How does it feel to consciously slip into the role of a man or a woman? What does it do to me, to consciously decide against being classified in (only) one of these two categories? Can the perceived naturalness of the assigned gender as female or male be questioned, challenged or expanded?

In order to research these and similar questions, we create a „safer space“ in the workshop, in which new roles and identities, which are often sanctioned in everyday life, can be tried out in practice.

To get started we explore playing with our external appearance, using a beard, binding, make-up and accessories. There will be lots of transformation tips and material. Then it is all about posture and movement, gestures and facial expression: we do practical research about the impact on the perception of ourselves and others. Theater exercises help to get in touch with new roles and with others. At the end everyone who chooses to, gets an opportunity to present their new role. And who knows, maybe some of the newly discovered ways of expression can inspire everyday life - with or without a beard.


What does drag have to do with sexuality? In which roles do I feel free to express my desires and to set limits? Is bitch a swear word? Or a character to reclaim? How does my body react to these explorations? And are the arts truly free?

PERFORMANCE of the ARTivists

Stories, images and footage from past performances stimulate the imagination. Material is at hand and the artivists already feel familiar with the method and with each other. Ideal conditions for a joint creative process. The concept for the performance is developed and carried out by the participants themselves - with the support of Magoa Hanke.

Drag-Quing Performance

Booking: info@magoa.eu. All performances in person are suspended due to Covid-19 regulations.

A life performance or other events on Zoom are possible - get in touch.

Interactive performance full of glitter and witchcraft!

As full-length event, as fe*male host or as glitter points between presentations of other artists.

Counting on the support of the audience, the drag-quing (queen + king) explores the different roles assigned to us. Race, class and ability are addressed in the performance, as are gender and sexuality. Where do we affirm assigned roles? And where do we challenge them and break free? The performance combines drag, pantomime, theater... and humour!

Artist: Magoa Hanke