Make Zoom Fun

and find the human connection we crave

What does an artist do when the theaters are closed?

Connect with other artists all over the planet and invent creative ways to do arts in the digital world!

Thats how we (unintendedly) became Zoom-experts.

That said - nothing compares to real life physical theater.


Are you having too many virtual meetings and are craving to touch real human beings? We certainly are!

We can't make that happen, but we are happy to share our expertise how to make Zoom Meetings fascinating, connecting and fun. Here are 5 trainings we offer: 

  • Zoom-facilitation: interactive life events vs. interactive virtual events
  • Arts, interactivity and connection: "connection games and theater exercises" or "sharing the dance"
  • Create Zoom Meetings that support staying embodied and creative while getting things done
  • Big events: meeting vs. webinar, coordinating a hosting-team behind the scenes (tech and facilitation), task division, back-channel communication, rehearsals (lighting, soundcheck, original sound)...
  • Tech: music and screensharing, security settings, breakout rooms, Open Space, polls, wordclouds...


Please contact Magoa Hanke for details: